Welcome to My World

Over the years I have found writing to be cathartic. It’s always come natural to me. I remember venting in my spiral notebook in high school. Little did I know I’d put my entire life onto paper 30 years later in a memoir. This journey started as something I was doing for me. I struggled to make sense of my life and found myself questioning so many crazy twists and turns.

Before I knew it, I was well on my way to writing a book that at times made me laugh and then cry. I rediscovered people who came and went from my life but left their imprint on my heart. Some good… some painful. These imprints or scars shaped me into the person I am today… Courageously Broken.

Published by donnamichaels70

I'm a US Navy Veteran and law enforcement officer. I'm the lucky mom of a pretty incredible teenage daughter who is every bit of a typical teenager until she surprises me with a wisdom that is beyond her years and a moral compass Saint Theresa would be proud of. I am a very proud patriot and I love my country, even when it doesn't love me. Lastly, I am a loving dog mom to three hilarious pups. (2 German Shepherds and a Lhasa Apso) One of the shepherds is my extremely loyal service dog, Saint. I love to travel and spend time with fellow patriots.

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