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As I recover from shoulder surgery and I see so many of my veteran friends taking on the 22 push up challenge to bring awareness to the 22 veterans that die each day because of suicide, I’ve been inspired to donate 10% of my book sales to a couple different non profit organizations that I truly believe can make a difference in reducing these tragic numbers.

While this will increase the price of my book a few dollars and push the cost slightly higher than the average book similar to it, I believe the extra few dollars is worthwhile in an effort to save lives and help those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

I am a firm believer that a combination of therapy with the help of a service dog can make a huge difference in the mind and overall well being of a veteran or first responder and their families. I speak from experience and I know countless others who can say the same thing.

Once the details are ironed out, I will announce who I have chosen to donate 10% of my proceeds to and why. I’d like to thank everyone for patiently waiting on me as I work towards the finish line of this project and express my sincere appreciation for all of the wonderful support.

God Bless our Veterans, Law Enforcement and God Bless America!

Published by donnamichaels70

I'm a US Navy Veteran and law enforcement officer. I'm the lucky mom of a pretty incredible teenage daughter who is every bit of a typical teenager until she surprises me with a wisdom that is beyond her years and a moral compass Saint Theresa would be proud of. I am a very proud patriot and I love my country, even when it doesn't love me. Lastly, I am a loving dog mom to three hilarious pups. (2 German Shepherds and a Lhasa Apso) One of the shepherds is my extremely loyal service dog, Saint. I love to travel and spend time with fellow patriots.

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