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Just My .02

Welcome to My World

Over the years I have found writing to be cathartic. It’s always come natural to me. I remember venting in my spiral notebook in high school. Little did I know

PTSD Awareness Day

22 A DAY… 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. Despite all that we have tried to do to bring this number down, it remains. The question is Why? Afterall, enough

Happy Birthday America!

July 4th, Independence Day.. Truly one of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas, I can’t think of two more important holidays. OK, Easter is important too, but as a Patriot,

Help Make a Difference

As I recover from shoulder surgery and I see so many of my veteran friends taking on the 22 push up challenge to bring awareness to the 22 veterans that


Never Quit…. It’s more than just a saying. It’s a way of life… A mindset. Are we born with it or is it a learned behavior? This I’m not sure


Wow! Where does the time go? I haven’t posted in a while so I suppose I need to catch this page up. July 20th I had my shoulder surgery which